Outdoors Water Fountain S&W 25

Stylish Garden Fountain S&W 24
Stylish Garden Fountain S&W 24
December 2, 2016
Unique Outdoor Fountain S&W 26
Unique Outdoor Fountain S&W 26
December 2, 2016
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Outdoors Water Fountain S&W 25

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This magnanimous fountain will be the centre of attraction for your spaces.  This beautifully structured and handcrafted subtle fountain is the best for your outdoors. Break the monotony of your space by installing this magnificent fountain in your outdoors.

Material White Marble
Design Stylish/Modern
Code  S&W 25
Finish Matte/polished


  1. Fountains can add the energy of the water element of the Feng Shui.
  2. Stone fountains are long lasting.
  3. This fountain has a magnificent look and can enhance the beauty of your garden.


Care instructions

  1. Make sure that the pump is completely submersed in water.
  2. Remove debris and stones from the pump to ensure its proper functioning.
  3. Keep the fountains running all the time.
  4. Clean the water in the fountain regularly.
  5. If there is growth of algae, use algaecide to prevent it from growing further.
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