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Wood is one of the most abundant materials. We use wood to make handicraft beds, handicraft sofa sets, swings, recliners and loungers, console stools, and wooden chairs. Wood has a beautiful natural texture. But to add a more royal look to it, it can be mounted with metals like brass, white metal, or silver. These kinds of wooden handicraft products are in trend since the time of kings and queens and sustain the heritage till today.

People, even today, prefer handicraft over the others because of the love for their culture. Wooden handicrafts have the quality of resistance and also give a magnificent vibe. Customization in wooden products can be made if our customers have a specific preference or a pre-decided budget. Wooden handicrafts carry forward the traditional legacy and royalty to generations not only in India but also to other countries majorly USA, UK, UAE, Europe and South Africa.

Bajot S&W 290


Modern Designer Bed S&W 304


Modern Accent Chair S&W 359

Chairs & Sofa Sets

Stool for Dressing Table or Console S&W 502

Console Stools

Traditional Front Doors S&W 386


Inlay Work Marble Flooring S&W 413


Antique Picture Frames S&W 426

Photo Frames

Recliners & Loungers S&W 509

Recliners & Loungers

Silver Center Table S&W 446

Side Table & Chest of Drawer

Wooden Indoor Swing S&W 464