Gautam Buddha Marble Statues S&W 321

3D Buddha Face S&W 320
3D Buddha Face S&W 320
December 31, 2016
Buddha 3D models S&W 322
Buddha 3D models S&W 322
December 31, 2016
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Gautam Buddha Marble Statues S&W 321

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This is a set of two standing Buddha statues. One statue has its hands folded depicting the meditation state. The other has a discussion expression on its face. The idols in this set are beautifully placed on carved stone bases.


Material Black stone
Design Standing idols
Code S&W  321
Finish Matte/polished



  1. The sculpture has a stunning look because of the black stone.
  2. This set has two idols depicting two different shades of Buddha.
  3. It can be available with or without fountains.


Care instructions

  1. Do not attempt to clean in extreme temperatures.
  2. Use spray bottles instead of power washers.
  3. Use environment-friendly soap along with water.
  4. Wait for a dry day to clean your idol.
  5. Brush off dry debris
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