Outdoors Water Fountain S&W 28

Designer Outdoor Fountain S&W 27
Designer Outdoor Fountain S&W 27
December 2, 2016
Water Fountain S&W 29
Water Fountain S&W 29
December 2, 2016
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Outdoors Water Fountain S&W 28

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If you are searching for the newest patterns and the most unique designs of fountains for your garden, patio, deck, or hotels, the fountain range of Stone and Woods is at your service. This stone water fountain is a small floor fountain like a stone bowl but water flows in it. It can be used as a decorative piece of art in the garden as well as foyers and hallways.

Material White Marble
Design Modern/ Unique
Code  S&W 28
Finish Polished/ matte


  1. Unique pattern with beautifully handcrafted designs.
  2. This fountain is extremely durable.
  3. It is sealed with quality sealant and so can last long.

Care instructions

  1. Make sure that the pump is completely submersed in water.
  2. Remove debris and stones from the pump to ensure its proper functioning.
  3. Keep the fountains running all the time.
  4. Clean the water in the fountain regularly.
  5. If there is growth of algae, use algaecide to prevent it from growing further.
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