Antique Fire Place S&W 40

Designer Fire Place S&W 39
Designer Fire Place S&W 39
November 30, 2016
Modern Fire Place S&W 41
Modern Fire Place S&W 41
November 30, 2016
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Antique Fire Place S&W 40

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This magnificent fireplace is designed not only from outside but also its inside is amazingly carved. It gives a rustic look. This fireplace can add an accent to your plain walls and make them look alive.


Material White marble
Design Rustic
Code S&W  40
Finish Matte/polished



  1. The rustic design gives a look of the older times.
  2. It is fully handcrafted.
  3. It is the best choice if thinking of recreating homes.


Care instructions

  1. Do not over fuel the fire.
  2. Stone soaks water. So the fireplace must be completely dried before lighting.
  3. Use soft cloth and water.
  4. Do not clean abrasively.
  5. Ensure that oil and grease do not come in contact with the stone.


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